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iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM has been developed for teleradiology use with the purpose of accelerating the imaging workflow. State-of-the-art algorithms compress medical images up to 1:8 times in a lossless compressed format maintaining the diagnostic quality of the images and allowing extensive and fast data transmissions.

The software offers bidirectional communication which means that modalities cannot only send data over the teleradiology line, but DICOM stations, such as reading stations, can query and retrieve needed data.

Find out what's new in iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM 3.0.

Three editions - tailored to your needs
Choose the edition that best fits the size and conditions of your medical network, depending on the number of stations you need to connect and the number of data adjustments you plan to implement.


Is ideally suited for small imaging centers with a low number of imaging devices.

Perfectly meets the require­ments of mid-size imaging centers and small hospitals.

Is intended as central image distribution node for imag­ing center groups, VNA and large hospitals.

Connect up to 3 DICOM nodes.

Connect up to 11 DICOM nodes.

Connect up to 100 DICOM nodes.

Apply up to 5 attribute rules.

Apply up to 25 attribute rules.

Apply up to 250 attribute rules.


The iQ-ROUTER editions support virtually all DICOM formats and transfer syntaxes, thus making the software exceptionally versatile.

By supporting Unicode, iQ-ROUTER allows the correct transmission of most worldwide characters, including those of Asian and all European languages.

Thanks to the use of the DICOM TLS/SSL protocol, privacy between two communicating partners is maintained without the need for VPNs.

Individual patient information within the transmitted data can be pseudonymized and/or sent as encrypted data in accordance with existing data protection laws, to be decrypted again upon receipt.

The access to different DICOM stations is regulated by means of access control.

Rule-based image distribution
All editions allow data forwarding based on specific rules or even a set of different rules, for example, to forward all incoming CT scans to a specific workstation or to distribute data according to shift schedules. This makes it possible to set up comprehensive, fully automatic workflow procedures as they are common in teleradiology.

Patient reconciliation and data correction
Using iQ-ROUTER, any DICOM attribute can be added, modified (e.g. using prefixes or suffixes) or deleted.

iQ-ROUTER is the world’s first and only DICOM product that incorporates Regular Expressions. Based on user-defined rules, the software can automatically correct virtually any image or data error as well as DICOM inconsistencies. It can, for example, adjust incorrectly coded image acquisition parameters or number formats (e.g. remove leading zeros).


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