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Here you will find all important news concerning our company group and our products, such as current releases, updates and patches and other interesting information. Also, if you would like to re-read main articles from our monthly newsletters, you will be able to find them here.

iQ-DASHBOARD - Your PACS at a glance!

We proudly present our new and freshly released software application iQ-DASHBOARD – a tool which will give PACS administrators a convenient overview of what is happening in their iQ-WEB 6.4.5.


With the help of this application you can easily find out how many imaging studies were created per device during the last month, which was the most examined body part during the last year, which hospital site is doing the most CT scans, or which referring physician referred most patients during this year to just name a few examples. This makes iQ-DASHBOARD a great tool for performance reviews – not just for PACS administrators or IT personnel, but also for medical directors, heads of radiology departments or financial officers.

All the information is available at a glance! Simply select the desired filter options and time ranges to let iQ-DASHBOARD provide your PACS statistics in a clearly arranged bar chart.

Another feature of iQ-DASHBOARD is the “Live Monitor” which lists all incoming studies of the last 30 minutes. All studies show a link to the respective study in the PACS. This way, administrators can immediately detect any technical issues if studies suddenly stop coming in. Also if the administrator is informed by the medical staff that studies do not appear in the PACS or cannot be opened in the viewer, the administrator can check the problem straight away.

To get a first impression, please feel free to test iQ-DASHBOARD on our demo server or check out the respective flyer. iQ-DASHBOARD is also available in our Download Center.



26 April 2017
iQ-VIEW 3.0 for veterinarians replaces VET-VIEW 2.7 and iQ-VIEW 2.8

Good news for our veterinarian customers! With the release of the veterinary edition of iQ-VIEW/PRO 3.0, you are now able to upgrade your VET-VIEW/PRO 2.7 or iQ-VIEW/PRO 2.8 installations.


The vet edition of iQ-VIEW 3.0 not only offers the known vet-specific features, such as the adapted text overlay, image filters, or grid line reduction, but also species and stud-book number selection during image acquisition, as well as measurements, e.g. the Norberg angle (now called “hip dysplasia angle”).


Here is a short selection of what you can expect:

  • Install iQ-VIEW on the latest operating systems, e.g. Windows 8/8.1 and 10, with official support
  • Customize the application with a different visual style and dim the light of the tables to create a more comfortable working experience
  • Easily identify a series in the series preview bar: an image from the middle of the series is now shown instead of the first
  • Enjoy better performance:
    • Faster browsing through series using stack or cine mode
    • Improved speed when zooming/panning images
    • Prompt display of multi-frame objects
  • Make your image processing easier and improve your image reading through enhanced functions:
    • Right-click contextual menu to easily access the most commonly used processing functions, like stack mode, distance and circular ROI measurements and windowing
    • “Magnifier” tool now with real 16 bit linear interpolation and different zoom factor presets for smooth magnification
    • Reset changes in windowing without losing all other post-processing changes (e.g. measurements, zoom/pan)
  • Always see which processing tool is currently active through special mouse cursors and adjust their size to accommodate different display resolutions
  • Fine-tune your measurements through the enhancements of existing measurement functions:
    • General distance and angle measurements show current value during drawing of the measurement
    • General distance measurement shows center marker
    • Enhanced calibration function to easily determine the diameter of ball markers
  • Use new measurement tools (PRO only): “Point-to-line distance” and “Interior angle” measurement
  • Turn iQ-VIEW into a lightbox with the “Lightbox window” function, in case no traditional radiological film viewing box is available
  • Double-click on any DICOM file to import it directly into iQ-VIEW or use command calls to load specified files and directories from hard disk or medium
  • Define your own desired print layouts – up to a 7x7 matrix

Have we piqued your interest?


Enjoy the whole feature set now with the vet edition of iQ-VIEW 3.0. Download your special edition from our Download Center. For an upgrade of existing VET-VIEW 2.7.0 stations, contact our sales team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

iQ-VIEW 3.0 for veterinarians
23 March 2017
Now available: Speedy Zero-Footprint Reading using iQ-4VIEW 2.0

We are pleased to announce that a major new version of iQ-4VIEW has been officially released.


iQ-4VIEW 2.0 enables iQ-WEBX 6.4.5 users to view and review any medical images in high-speed on virtually any device and operating system – whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. No need for any client installation. The display quality is diagnostic as long as the hardware meets appropriate legal requirements.


What’s new?

  • Increased overall performance, e.g.:
    • time to first image <3 seconds!
    • frame rates up to 50 fps
  • Zero-footprint tomosynthesis, enhanced CT and enhanced MRI support
  • Four new measurements:
    • Ratio
    • Cobb Angle
    • Hip dysplasia angle
    • VHS (Vertebral Heart Score / Vertebral Heart Size Index)
  • New image processing modes for different use cases:
    • client mode optimized for small studies via fast network
    • server mode optimized for large studies and slow network
  • Bug fixes


Test iQ-4VIEW's amazing performance here - wherever you are. We also provide a 30-day trial version of iQ-WEBX 6.4.5 including iQ-4VIEW.


For further information about iQ-4VIEW, please check out the respective flyer, the iQ-WEBX 6.4.5 brochure, or ask your sales representative.

23 January 2017