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Here you will find all important news concerning our company group and our products, such as current releases, updates and patches and other interesting information. Also, if you would like to re-read main articles from our monthly newsletters, you will be able to find them here.

Consistent Patient Data with iQ-ROUTER Reconciliation Plugin

Our freshly released iQ-ROUTER Reconciliation Plugin is an optional module for iQ-ROUTER PREMIUM whose aim is to simplify the radiological workflow by verifying the consistency of patient data right after data acquisition.

Usually, when entering patient data directly at the modality, typing mistakes cannot always be avoided. As a consequence, patient demographics are erroneous or incomplete and therefore do not match the respective patient data in the PACS system.

iQ-ROUTER Reconciliation Plugin is intended to reduce these mismatches by checking all incoming DICOM data for consistency in patient name, patient ID, date of birth, accession number, etc. This is achieved by querying a DICOM Modality Worklist for already existing patient and study data. If differences in the values stored in a DICOM data set are detected, the information will be completed or corrected as required. iQ-ROUTER Reconciliation Plugin will reconcile patient data based on predefined and configured rules.

iQ-ROUTER Reconciliation Plugin improves the data consistency by:

  • Correcting erroneous patient and study data

  • Automatically adding missing meta data, e.g. referring physician

  • Adjusting character sets, e.g. Unicode

  • Adding missing vet-specific fields, e.g. owner, species, chip number, etc.


Learn more about the iQ-ROUTER Reconciliation Plugin in the respective flyer. If you want to try this new tool, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
iQ-ROUTER Reconciliation Plugin

29 August 2016
IMAGE signs Agreement with mbits

We are pleased to announce that IMAGE has closed an agreement for an intensive long-term collaboration with mbits imaging GmbH (mBits). This new partnership became effective on August 1st, 2016.

Located in Heidelberg Germany, mbits, the manufacturer of portable image analysis software, was founded in 2011 focusing on the creation and development of applications for mobile devices. mbits derived from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and was comprised of many researchers who bring their knowledge and expertise to the products and services they deliver with cutting edge technology and possibilities, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

The CEOs from IMAGE, Dr. Arpad Bischof and Mr. Mike Jensen, and the CEO’s of mbits, Dr. Ingmar Gergel and Dr. Michael Müller, met in Heidelberg, Germany, in July 2016 to further discuss and finalize this agreement for an enduring partnership between the two companies. As part of the agreement between IMAGE and mbits, these two portable imaging companies will start to promote and distribute one another’s products to help increase brand awareness worldwide and strengthen the newly formulated partnership between the two.

This partnership will open new business opportunities for both companies in the future. IMAGE will market the PORT-RAY Viewer with MED-TAB, giving radiologists unprecedented mobility in image viewing worldwide. mbits will market MED-TAB and take advantage of IMAGE’s global network of re-sellers.

We are excited for the possibilities in this new partnership and look forward to many positive outputs to come!

29 August 2016
iQ-4VIEW Quick Guide

Have you already tried our recently published diagnostic zero-footprint viewer iQ-4VIEW? If not, you can do so on our dedicated demo server or download the 30-day trial version of iQ-WEBX 6.4.5 where iQ-4VIEW is included.

To give you a quick overview of the features and functions offered by iQ-4VIEW, we have prepared the “iQ-4VIEW Quick Guide”. This 2-sided document provides to-the-point information on where to find what in the user interface. When printed out and kept on the desk, it can be of help from time to time to find one’s way around the software, if needed.

You can download the iQ-4VIEW Quick Guide by clicking on this link.

iQ-4VIEW_Quick Guide

28 June 2016