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Here you will find all important news concerning our company group and our products, such as current releases, updates and patches and other interesting information. Also, if you would like to re-read main articles from our monthly newsletters, you will be able to find them here.

We are pleased to introduce our new iQ-VIEW PRO 4D FUSION module. This state-of-the-art module is specially designed for nuclear medicine.

With only one click of the mouse, images can be fused automatically. Our new 4D module supports any modality, such as PET/CT, SPECT/CT, PET/MR, and more. Calculate the 3D hotspot with maximum, mean, and minimum SUV measurements or export fused series.

The fusion module integrates entirely with iQ-SYSTEM PACS and your workflow. It is easily customizable and can be adapted to your individual needs. Learn more about the iQ-VIEW PRO 4D FUSION module in our product flyer

Several specific features of the 4D fusion module are highlighted in our new video found on our YouTube channel. Check it out to experience the latest in 4D technology
Article_1_iQ-View Pro 4D Fusion

11 June 2014
IMAGE Information Systems helps achieve “Meaningful Use” Workflow with Indian Health Service’s “RPMS- EHR”
IMAGE Information Systems has successfully integrated with Indian Health Service’s “RPMS – EHR” solution at multiple US tribal clinics. The iQ-SYSTEM PACS was implemented at two tribal health clinics recently. This newly deployed workflow helps meet requirements towards “Meaningful Use” standards for data delivery, data sharing, and data distribution. The latest clinics to benefit from a Computerized Physician Order Entry system, or “CPOE” workflow, are K'ima:w Medical Center (Hoopa) of Hoopa, CA  and Southern Colorado Ute Service Unit of Ignacio, CO.

With this customized HL7 integration, modalities now receive error free patient data from the RPMS, delivering the utmost data accuracy. Tribal physicians are now able to launch radiology images of patients they are currently treating directly from the RPMS screen. This saves valuable time for the doctor by not having to log into multiple solutions and perform searches.

Additionally, this technology is able to deliver the outside “Radiology Reports” directly to the iQ-WEBX PACS and the RPMS simultaneously for multiple access points to critical report distribution. IMAGE is excited to announce, “Our development team was able to collaborate with IHS’s Development / Integration Staff and local IT Engineers to fully integrate this time saving solution with minimal challenges.”  This project partnership has saved the tribal community significant time in their daily workflow as well as investment resources.













11 June 2014
Out now: VET-WEBX 6.3.8!
An affordable, full-featured, robust and scalable PACS – especially for veterinarians, VET-WEBX includes image storage along with web viewing for referring or consulting physicians and animal owners alike.

The system is made up of a DICOM server with a vendor neutral storage solution for images, documents and reports, on-line 24/7. A redundant on- or off-site archive can be easily configured as backup solution, if desired. The system permits query/retrieve, import/export, forwarding and printing of any veterinary DICOM objects among other features.

With the included diagnostic viewing module VET-X it provides an easy-to-use browser-based image reading solution with optional web-based reporting. VET-WEBX 10 and high include the VET-WEB2GO zero footprint viewer for iPhone/iPad and Android viewing. The optional VET-WEBX WADO interface integrates the web based PACS with any practice management system.

The graphical user interface designed for veterinary use ensures that all information veterinarians need is provided. Thus, the study tables contain information about the owner, species, breed and neutered status. The customizable text overlay of VET-X allows the display of any veterinary information available, e.g. stud book information, veterinary body parts and view positions.

The feature-rich VET-PACS solution can be complemented and integrated with IMAGE´s VET-RIS, the diagnostic reading station VET-VIEW, image routing and compression services provided by iQ-ROUTER and DICOM media creation with iQ-ROBOT. The VET-CAPTURE module can be used to digitize analog video sources to PACS.

True to our slogan “Try before you buy”, this new VET-WEBX release is available for download from our website, including a 30-day trial period.

Also check out the VET-WEBX product brochure or browse our veterinary website to learn more about what we have to offer to veterinarians.


23 April 2014