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Here you will find all important news concerning our company group and our products, such as current releases, updates and patches and other interesting information. Also, if you would like to re-read main articles from our monthly newsletters, you will be able to find them here.


We are pleased to introduce our new iQ-VIEW PRO 4D PREMIUM ONCOLOGY module.

This module makes it easy for radiologists and oncologists to automatically follow up on the treatment response of a tumor. In just a few clicks, a lesion can be measured and registered for future analysis. iQ-4D automatically synchronizes any follow-up studies to present the lesion to the reading physician at the next time points. The results can be automatically stored in a RECIST compliant report.

Our PREMIUM ONCOLOGY module integrates seamlessly with iQ-SYSTEM PACS and your workflow to save physicians up to 2/3 of oncology reading time. It is customizable and can be adapted to individual needs.

Learn more about the iQ-VIEW PRO 4D PREMIUM ONCOLOGY module in our product flyer.

Several specific features of the module are highlighted in our new video found on our YouTube channel. Check it out to experience the latest in 4D technology.


02 October 2014
Patch Release: iQ-WEBX 6.3.8

Please note that a patched version of iQ-VIEW (version number v2.8.0.101) is now available for download on our website.

We encourage you to install this fresh release after completing the initial iQ-WEBX setup for all installations.

Improvements include:

• Security update of the infrastructure used: Apache has been updated to version 2.4.9 and PHP to version 5.4.30
• Bug fixes concerning the usage of Windows Operating Systems in various languages, e.g. Portuguese
• iQ-X MSI installer update
• Fix to allow iQ-WEBX to accept Patient IDs that contain double quotes (“)
• Expanded feature for easy physician assignment: Reading and requesting physicians can be assigned from a list when editing study information. This is in addition to the already existing option for referring physicians.

Our user documentation has also been updated with more detailed installation instructions. Revised installation instructions are included in the iQ-WEB 6.3.8 Administration Guide which can be found in the Download Center.

Download the iQ-WEBX 6.3.8 Patch 1 (Build 20140708/984) here(Updates/Patches → iQ-WEBX). Detailed installation instructions can be found in the unzipped patch file.

The same patch is available for VET-WEBX 6.3.8 (Build 20140723/992). Visit the Download Center → Updates/Patches → VET-WEBX to download it.

Article_1_iQWEBX PATCH
26 August 2014
Accurate radiology voice recognition: iQ-VOICE

Efficient reporting is the most crucial part of medical imaging. The optimal way of reporting depends on the complexity of studies, the urgency, the reporting language, and other factors. With iQ-VOICE, reporting efficiency has reached a whole new level, no matter what the desired reporting workflow is.  It includes three main paths:


• Online voice recognition (VR) for immediate computer based voice-to-text transcription of any urgent reports. This is our recommended method.


• Offline VR for human resource optimized reporting – This allows doctors to dictate while using the server to handle the voice-to-text translation. A secretary or a pool of typists then manage any corrections. The advantage for doctors is that they can dictate using a typical dictation device.


• Digital dictation for physicians who choose not to use voice recognition. Digital dictation can be sent immediately or in bulk to local or remote transcriptionists using file, ftp, or email transmissions.


iQ-VOICE supports other workflows as well as combinations of the above mentioned workflows. For example, a doctor may use online VR for emergency reports and digital dictation for any elective studies.


We recommend that an administrator performs a context adaptation before the end user starts working with iQ-VOICE. This can be done by automatically scanning existing reports so that the system can learn the words, the dialect, and the way the writer uses their words (syntax). After an additional brief voice adaptation, the doctor can be up and running with a high quality, full speech recognition tool within a few minutes!


iQ-VOICE supports various reporting languages including English, Spanish, German and French.


iQ-VOICE can interface with several speech recognition engines or systems including Dragon®, Speech Magic®, PowerScribe® 360, and more.


iQ-VOICE is the unique VR and digital dictation platform of IMAGE Information Systems. It supports iQ-RIS >= 3.1.4, iQ-WEBX >= 6.2.3f and iQ-VIEW >=3.0 (not released yet).


Ask your dealer for details and learn more about iQ-VOICE in the product brochure


Dragon®, Speech Magic®, and PowerScribe® 360 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nuance Communications, Inc. in the United States or other countries.


31 July 2014