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Here you will find all important news concerning our company group and our products, such as current releases, updates and patches and other interesting information. Also, if you would like to re-read main articles from our monthly newsletters, you will be able to find them here.

Out now: iQ-WEB 6.6.2 with LDAP Single Sign On (SSO)

Healthcare professionals use various software applications with user logins. iQ-WEB 6.6.2 now supports a single sign on from other software applications using the LDAP protocol for Active Directory support, e.g. from Windows domain login, HIS, EMR or RIS.

iQ-WEB from version 6.6.2 now supports synchronization from any active directory to the local user database. This enables healthcare IT administrators an easy user management, e.g. so users only need to authenticate once a day with access to all subsystems, and users must memorize only a single password.

You can try the new iQ-WEB 6.6.2 here.

26 January 2018
Release: iQ-4VIEW 2.1- diagnostic radiology, orthopedicand chiro zero footprint viewer

Another great launch is our new diagnostic zero-footprint viewer iQ-4VIEW 2.1. Here's a little idea of what you can expect: iQ-4VIEW 2.1

  • supports diagnostic multi-modality image viewing and reading, now including trauma, chiro and orthopedic measurements
  • performs on all major operating systems including MacOS, Windows, Linux and all major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The typical time to first image from opening a study is under 3 seconds.
  • includes web-based structured reporting and now even web-based documentation of measurements and annotations. Users with a webcam, tablet or smart phone can now upload and DICOM-ize pictures, e.g. of specimens, wounds, pathologies, histological samples, etc.
  • available for all users of iQ-SYSTEM PACS



27 November 2017
iQ-DASHBOARD - Your PACS at a glance!

We proudly present our new and freshly released software application iQ-DASHBOARD – a tool which will give PACS administrators a convenient overview of what is happening in their iQ-WEB 6.4.5.


With the help of this application you can easily find out how many imaging studies were created per device during the last month, which was the most examined body part during the last year, which hospital site is doing the most CT scans, or which referring physician referred most patients during this year to just name a few examples. This makes iQ-DASHBOARD a great tool for performance reviews – not just for PACS administrators or IT personnel, but also for medical directors, heads of radiology departments or financial officers.

All the information is available at a glance! Simply select the desired filter options and time ranges to let iQ-DASHBOARD provide your PACS statistics in a clearly arranged bar chart.

Another feature of iQ-DASHBOARD is the “Live Monitor” which lists all incoming studies of the last 30 minutes. All studies show a link to the respective study in the PACS. This way, administrators can immediately detect any technical issues if studies suddenly stop coming in. Also if the administrator is informed by the medical staff that studies do not appear in the PACS or cannot be opened in the viewer, the administrator can check the problem straight away.

To get a first impression, please feel free to test iQ-DASHBOARD on our demo server or check out the respective flyer. iQ-DASHBOARD is also available in our Download Center.



26 April 2017