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Aquí puede encontrar todas las noticias importantes de nuestra compañía así como también información novedosa y actualizada de nuestros productos que incluye actualizaciones y parches disponibles así como otros temas interesantes. También si desea volver a leer algunos artículos de nuestro newsletter mensual, los encontrará en esta sección. 

Just Released: iQ-WORKLIST 2.0

We proudly present iQ-WORKLIST 2.0 - our powerful DICOM worklist server. iQ-WORKLIST can interface with most radiology, practice, or hospital information systems, read scheduling data, and create DICOM worklists for imaging modalities. It accelerates the modality workflow and avoids typing errors, thus ensuring consistent data throughout all medical imaging systems.

Below are some of the anticipated features that are included in version 2.0:

• Fully automated workflow through MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Steps)
• Patient reconciliation support in the Premium version
• SQL database for enhanced performance and scalability
• Higher compatibility through Unicode support for all languages, a customizable text parser, and an extended list of supported worklist search keywords
• Application and event acknowledgment support
• Customizable message syntax dictionary

Three versions are available to meet all of your connection needs:

for a maximum of 2 modalities

for a maximum of 10 modalities

for an unlimited number of modalities
Also includes an ADT module for patient reconciliation support.

Learn more about our new iQ-WORKLIST 2.0 in the product brochure or request your free trial version here.



iQ-WORKLIST 2.0 brochure

20 de Diciembre de 2013
iQ-CONFORMITY: Standardization and Consistency in Radiology

We are pleased to announce the release of iQ-CONFORMITY – our latest innovation for standardization and consistency in Radiology.

For years, Radiologists have had to contend with inconsistent DICOM tags from various modality vendors, such as R-MLO, RMLO, R.MLO or MLO as synonyms for a right MLO view position.

iQ-CONFORMITY is a ground breaking new software solution that converts DICOM data from all modalities and vendors into one vendor neutral format, thus unifying anatomic regions, body parts, view codes, view positions, contrast agents, and more. As a result, adjusting multiple hanging protocols for multiple vendors is no longer necessary. In addition, issues of managing both CT/MRI with enhanced CT/MRI in a single network are things of the past. All in all, iQ-CONFORMITY can save radiologists 30 minutes per day in a multi-vendor, multimodality reading environment.

iQ-CONFORMITY is now available as a module for iQ-ROUTER PREMIUM. Request your trial version here or check out the product flyer for further information.

02 de Diciembre de 2013
Out now: iQ-VIEW PRO 4D

We are proud to announce that iQ-VIEW PRO 4D is now available. This much requested addition to our iQ product family is the perfect solution for all hospitals or imaging centers that need to process volumetric or multiphase medical image data.

iQ-VIEW PRO 4D is an advanced multimodality and multiphase radiology reading solution for the post-processing of 2D, 3D and 4D medical images. No need to switch between different workstations anymore, as iQ-VIEW PRO 4D serves as your all-in-one solution.

Main features and functions of iQ-VIEW PRO 4D include:
• Multimodality support (CR, DX, CT, MR, US, DSA, PET, SPECT, etc.)
• Multiplanar (MPR) and curved planar reconstructions (CPR)
• Maximum, minimum and average intensity projections (MIP, MinIP and AverIP)
• Multiphase imaging including contrast uptake curve, e.g. for breast MRI
• Volume rendering (VRT)
• Multimodality Image fusion
• ADC map
• MRI Ironload calculation
• Extended orthopedic measurement tools
• Hanging Protocol creation and customization

iQ-VIEW PRO 4D integrates entirely with iQ-SYSTEM PACS and your workflow. It is easily customizable and can be adapted to your individual needs due to the modularization. A whole range of organ-specific modules will be released over the next few months, offering special applications for cardiology, virtual endoscopy, bronchoscopy, oncology RECIST follow up, and many more.

Learn more about iQ-VIEW PRO 4D in the corresponding brochure or request your free trial version here.

22 de Octubre de 2013