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Out now: iQ-VIEW 2.7 – Radiology Reading at your Fingertips

We are thrilled to officially announce the long awaited release of iQ-VIEW 2.7! There have already been many views of our marketing video since our sneak preview announcement in December.

The new version of iQ-VIEW is fully Windows 7 Professional 64-bit compatible and communicates even more efficiently with other iQ-products. Some of the new features of this version as well as the PRO version include:

  • True-size DICOM printing
  • Support of DICOM datasets with specific character sets other than ISO IR 100 (including Unicode, e.g. Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
  • DICOM presentation states on the image level
  • Configurable scoutlines to display plane projections and/or plane intersections
  • Support of DICOM shutter sequences
  • Perpendicular distance measurement (PRO version)
  • Polygonal ROI measurement (PRO version)
  • Copying of measurements to other images to enable 3D measurements, e.g. TTTG (PRO version)

In addition, iQ-VIEW 2.7 can now be purchased as a single (PC-based) or floating (concurrent) license and it comes in numerous languages. Download your free trial version and experience how iQ-VIEW can be the heart of all your diagnostic processes!


iQ-VIEW 2.7


13 de Enero de 2012
Announcing iQ-VIEW 3D 3.1

Along with the release of iQ-VIEW 2.7, the new version of iQ-VIEW 3D boasts a range of new and improved functionalities, providing uncompromised 3D image quality combined with a smoother and faster workflow. Some features include:

  • Improved volume cropping
  • Auto selection of hardware-optimized renderer for individual workstation
  • Tissue-scrolling by Window/Leveling-tool and mouse movement
  • GPU Raycast Renderer: Better quality for MIP/MinIP
  • Enhanced thresholding of MIP
  • Volume Rendering Technique capable of showing MRI data
  • And many more…

iQ-VIEW 3D 3.1 is available as a single or floating license. Of course, it also runs on Windows 7 Professional.

Above all, iQ-VIEW 3D is intuitive and easy to use. Check out our free trial version to see for yourself.



13 de Enero de 2012
iQ-CAPTURE 1.2.2: Now Windows 7 Compatible

Our solution to capture any video signal to DICOM – iQ-CAPTURE – does now work on Windows 7. We have performed extensive validation tests and can safely recommend the 32 bit edition of Windows 7 (Professional or higher) as one of the operating systems for iQ-CAPTURE 1.2.2.

A newly added smart feature is the possibility to either assign an automatic number or a free alphanumeric name to each capture device. This will make capturing easier for users managing multiple input feeds.

Find out more about iQ-CAPTURE in this short brochure.

13 de Enero de 2012