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Out now: iQ-WEBX 6.2.3f

Just in time for Christmas, we have another special treat for you: The release of iQ-WEBX 6.2.3f!

As we aim to continuously evolve and enhance our products, the new iQ-WEBX focuses on features that open improved ways of reviewing images and customizing user settings. We also fixed a few bugs along the way. These developments ultimately lead to major improvements in usability, stability and security of the application. A few new features include:

  • Administrator-based password complexity definitions
  • More options for user searches for quick access to relevant studies
  • Easy synchronization of series, e.g. for comparing CT scans
  • Current navigation location indicated in menu
  • Administrator-based regulations for users forwarding to AE-titles
  • iQ-WEB2GO module (included in WEBX10 or higher, otherwise optional)

iQ-WEBX is our complete and user-friendly solution for storage, viewing, and distribution of medical imaging studies and reports. Our latest release offers a huge amount of flexibility for reading and management for any institution.

Be among the first to explore iQ-WEBX 6.2.3f!

iQ-WEBX 6.2.3f


21 de Diciembre de 2011
iQ-WEB2GO - Mobile devices now supported!

We are extremely thrilled to announce IMAGE’s release of iQ-WEB2GO. iQ-WEB2GO is an iQ-WEBX module for web-based viewing of radiology images on iOS or Android based mobile, handheld devices including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy SII or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

iQ-WEB2GO represents an excellent solution for clinical reference for referring physicians who need to see images at their fingertips without being tied to a workstation. It is also ideal for remote and subspecialty consultation. Access to radiology images is quick, easy and secure. There is no need to run an installer. Simply log in from your mobile device as you would normally log in to iQ-WEBX. Then, select the images you want to view in the Studies Overview page or search for one or a list of studies. Images are displayed immediately in full-screen mode with zoom/pan options.

For users with iQ-WEBX10 or higher, iQ-WEB2GO is automatically included. All other users can purchase the module at a reasonable price.

Request your Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spambots. Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla today and enjoy the flexibility that comes with iQ-WEB2GO!


21 de Diciembre de 2011
iQ-MOBILITY - truly mobile teleradiology

Many hospitals are short of on-site radiologists especially during night hours or on weekends. In order to provide accurate emergency diagnostics, the demand for teleradiology is growing. iQ-MOBILITY is the teleradiology innovation for radiologists who want the flexibility to perform diagnostic multimodality readings from truly any location.

iQ-MOBILITY is composed of a powerful portable laptop with a high-end 17” diagnostic display and mobile reading/reporting workstation software. It is the first and only portable medical display in the world that offers calibrated grayscale diagnostics.

he reading station fulfills even the strictest standards of German class A medical displays, having a luminance of about 300 Cd/m² after calibration, highest homogeneity with less than 15% deviance, and anti-glare front glass for minimum reflection. And yet, it is easy to transport in just a notebook case.

The standard version of iQ-MOBILITY includes all tools needed for emergency reading; the 3D version offers features for advanced and even mobile 3D processing. The system can be enhanced with special modules for orthopedic templating, nuclear medicine, and stitching.

iQ-MOBILITY can be used on any network including UMTS, 3G, wireless LAN and even via satellite while maintaining diagnostic quality. This makes it the ideal system for multi-site human medical or veterinary use across the globe regardless of the organization’s size.

Enter the mobile world of iQ-MOBILITY!



21 de Octubre de 2011