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The iQ-BONE module has been developed to process bone ECT studies, vendor independently.

Any nuclear specialist, radiologist or oncologist can now read bone ECTs in any viewing station or rather to match these studies with CT or MRI data.

Studies from Interfile, DICOM or even proprietary sources* can be opened and displayed in iQ-BONE.

For the study of bone scans in 3D impression, studies can be displayed at maximum intensity projections easily and within seconds.

Calculated images can be exported to PACS as individually adaptable result pages.

In this way, suspicious areas can be observed in detail. A very flexible slice presentation has been integrated, allowing the display of slices in the number and size defined by the user, as well as in the orientations transversal, sagittal and coronal.

Normally a whole-body scan is performed on every patient when performing SPECT studies of a specific body part. Similar software can only display one study at the time, which is very inconvenient for a detailed review. This is not an issue when using iQ-BONE, since it allows presenting both studies on a single result page, facilitating a proper diagnostic.


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