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Case Studies
Here you can review a summary of several installations, which had very demanding requirements and the way these requirements have been fulfilled by our systems.

Western Cape district hospital, South Africa
Flagstaff Medical Center, USA
Indian Health Service, USA
X-ray guys, Buffalo, NY, USA
Marie Curie Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan
Lassen Medical Group, California, USA
University of Michigan, USA
Wake Technical Community College, NC, USA
AarReha Schinznach, Switzerland
Diagnostica Nobiliore, Italy
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region, Russia
Medical Park Hospital Group, Turkey
Shasta Orthopaedics, California, USA
National Screening Program for Men in Scotland, UK
Methodist Hospital, Chicago, USA
Grünstadt District Hospital, Germany
Kodmeda, Vilnius, Lithuania
CentralPACS, New Zealand
Lette Association, Berlin, Germany
European Cyberknife Center, Munich, Germany
iQ-ROUTER PREMIUM integration with RadManager
Sonnenhof Hospitals, Berne, Switzerland
IMSI and Med-Net Hosting Sites, USA
University Physicians Medical Center, Philippines
University of Michigan, USA
Purdue University, Indiana, USA
Omnimagem, Brazil
Misericordia University, USA
IDIME - Instituto Diagnóstico Médico, Colombia
Lifeline Vascular Access, USA
Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
The Medical Association, Hamburg, Germany
Cysticercosis project, Peru
Institut de Diagnostic per la Imatge, Spain
Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden
Wilbur Wright College, USA
Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Pisana, Italy
Medicina Diagnostica, Colombia
Swiss TriPACS project, Switzerland
Instituto do Ceará Cancer Hospital, Brazil
Misericordia University, USA

Misericordia University is a Roman Catholic four year co-educational university in Dallas, PA  founded in 1924 by the Sisters of Mercy.  Misericordia offers a wide selection of course continuums, including Health Sciences. Integrated Modular Systems, Inc. (IMSI) recently provided licenses for one iQ-WEBX 5, and four iQ-VIEW/PRO from IMAGE Information Systems, Ltd. to Misericordia University of Dallas, PA for the Medical Imaging Department. 

Elaine Halesey, Ed.D., R.T.R. R (QM) (ARRT), wrote to John Mazur, President of IMSI: “John, thanks so much to Integrated Modular Systems, Inc. for this terrific product.  The addition of our ability to utilize this PACS system has positively enhanced the curriculum at Misericordia University in many ways.  It allows our students to see, first hand, on campus, prior to them actually experiencing the clinical portion of the program, the type of product used in actual Radiology Departments. It also will improve our ability to deliver the curriculum in a more efficient manner.”

While its use by other faculty will be expanded as their curricula is revised, the PACS is presently being used by Professor Lorie Zelna, who states: "The Medical Imaging program of Misericordia University is using the iQ-VIEW/PRO software by IMAGE Information Systems, Ltd. as part of the Radiographic Image Analysis course.  The students are assigned  projections by the instructor.  Using a mannequin, under the direct supervision of the course instructor, the students perform the radiologic exposures, and process the image using the CR.  The images are sent to the PACS server.  The students are provided an image analysis rubric by the course instructor.  From their homes or dormitory rooms, the students can access the images to complete the rubric at their leisure.  An assigned due date for submission of the rubric is determined by the course instructor.  Once the instructor receives the student rubrics, he/she accesses the PACS server to view each of the students’ projections and compares the student rubric evaluation of the assigned projections.  This project is a graded assignment that requires the students to apply the skills that are discussed in the didactic component of the course. Having the software accessible to students has afforded greater opportunities for out-of-class assignments thereby enhancing the learning opportunities for the students. Incorporating the use of PACS at the first semester, sophomore level, provides students with experience in the use of PACS prior to entering the clinical environment.  The intention for this early introduction is to assist in the knowledge transfer and ease the transition from the laboratory to the clinical environment.  The process is a success.  The course instructor intends to incorporate additional applications for use of this software."

 Misericordia University


Mercy Hall


Misericordia Health Sciences Building

12 November 2009
IDIME - Instituto Diagnóstico Médico, Colombia

With its more than 13 medical imaging centers, IDIME embodies the largest chain of imaging centers in Colombia. They offer a big spectrum of medical studies and diagnostics attending more than 3000 patients a day. Such an enormous workflow requires a lot of coordination and represents a huge challenge to medical imaging management.

In order to maintain the overview and to remove the existing bottlenecks, IDIME started to move towards digitalization by installing their first PACS in 2006. This solution did not only include iQ-WEBX as archiving system and iQ-VIEW as DICOM viewers, but also a series of products of the iQ-SYSTEM PACS family which were running in the background. These programs, such as iQ-ROUTER and iQ-WORKLIST have made the process even faster and more organized.

Thanks to iQ-SYSTEM PACS, IDIME was able to reduce their operating costs remarkably, while increasing their service level at the same time. The time-saving aspect was also significant, since the study workflow to the diagnostic center was accelerated. This way, reading physicians do not have to permanently move to other establishments and both referring physicians and clients are happy, because they receive their results earlier than before.



03 September 2009